About Us


With arguably the most state of the art marine fish holding facility in the Philippines, TIDAL AQUATICS leads the industry in animal holding and filtration capacity, and system stability. Water in our centralized holding systems is treated by kilowatts of quartz-shielded ultraviolet sterilizers, large protein skimmers with very high output ozonizers and specially designed, highly efficient mechanical and biological filtration equipment. Nearly all of the aquaria in our 3,000 square foot facility are individually equipped with independent fill and drain systems allowing thousands of individual fish to have their own sterilized water supply, minimizing the potential for the spread of parasites and other water-borne pathogens.

TIDAL AQUATICS acclimates all specimens from ocean water to Natural Seawater. Our holding systems use only the best Natural Sea Water to condition all fish and invertebrates prior to shipment. Each specimen is acclimated, tanked, rested and fed prior to shipping and is individually screened numerous times before it is packed. We can send hundreds of shipments every month throughout the World, the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia, and Worldwide to all major international airports.

TIDAL AQUATICS WAREHOUSE FACILITY is just minutes away from the NAIA Manila International Airport. When visiting Manila, Philippines, please stop by for a visit.


TIDAL AQUATICS has an incredible amount of holding system capacity with thousands of individual holding cubes, large tanks, invertebrate trays, and specialized cup raceways. Each system is continuously treated with UV sterilization minimizing the risks of parasite infestation, bacterial outbreak and cross-contamination. Water fed to our primary fish holding system alone is passed at optimal flow rates through more than of UV light.


TIDAL AQUATICS collects return water from each system to high capacity sumps where it is mechanically filtered and processed by a bank of massive skimmers of our own proprietary design. Each skimmer is independently fed with a variable supply of Ozone and controlled with dedicated Redox measuring equipment and optimum foam production is maintained via accurate feed water flow control.

Our systems are controlled providing real-time detailed water parameter and system dynamics monitoring. Any irregularities in water quality or system functionality are alerted to staff 24/7/365 and addressed within minutes by our own on-staff systems technicians. Our water production and pack-out mix systems are tightly controlled to exacting specific gravity and pH levels, using the best Natural Sea Water to ensure consistency.

Our large bank of high flow and energy efficient pumps provide very high flow rates and incredible system volume turnover. Redundancy in the design ensures optimum water quality in the event of individual system component and equipment failures. Water quality parameters including pH, ORP, D.O. and S.G. are maintained with accuracy through a number of process controls that we have developed.